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And I pull out mah gun.
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This is not because I am squeamish about critique, but rather because I want to encourage everyone to say exactly what they want to me. Be harsh, go for it, I can take it.
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Bluh bluh bluh, sentimental drivel.
Planetside - Hallway 2
This fic served the purpose of indulging the following:

-My love of tragic endings in stories that aren't tragedies.
-My love of the musebox dark-future-Sing.
-Godmodding, and writing other peoples' characters badly, apparently.
-Filling Kinkmeme prompts with genfic.

IN SHORT. Ignore me. Just. Go about your business.

I get to keep a piece of him forever; it's only fair.Collapse )

Sitting in the dark. [OPEN]
Normandy planetside.
who ; Commander Jane Shepard
what ; Slowly losing her mind and trying, desperately, to figure out a way to destroy the marker.
where ; Zone 08, on the sixth floor of a building a good distance from the Marker.
when ; After Garrus's suicide.
warning(s) ; Gore, crazy, the general warning associated with Dead Space. No swearing, though, oddly enough.
notes ; This is totally open. If you want to be a hallucination of Shepard's (people who know her, I'm good with anyone), or if you are in Zone 08 (looking for her or otherwise) and spot the light in the window, or if you just want to call her over the Normandy radio, which is still in the suit, this is a good time.

She didn't know if she could hallucinate silence. That might actually be a treat.Collapse )

/Pardon my pairing.
"It's just," Garrus started, "Was that really necessary?"

"I didn't realize you got embarrassed so easily," Shepard countered and shoved him. The flat look he leveled at her said just how much he believed that, and the twitch of his left mandible underlined his mild irritation. He let himself be shoved onto the bed and it creaked as he leaned back on his arms. Out of habit, he glanced out the window. Couldn't see the street from here, not that it really mattered.

"I don't, definitely not with pro-human factions like that--"

"Which you shouldn't," Shepard interrupted sharply and finished kicking off the bottom layer of her armor.

"I don't," Garrus cut back in and the bed squeaked as Shepard pushed him back the rest of the way down and straddled his hips. While his torso was an inconvenient shape for terran furniture, his hips were just perfect for this. He got a little distracted as her thighs brushed against his waist and made a low, pseudo growl before flipping them.

Between the two of them, Garrus was the better hand to hand combatant--not that Shepard would admit it--and Shepard's face took on a tint of irritation as his arm pressed across her ribs to prevent her from fliping them back. Apparently he still wanted to talk about this. You know, despite both of them being naked and here. Fantastic.

"Go on," Shepard acknowledged dryly and Garrus leveled another look at her from less than a foot away. His gloved talons drummed on her idly, as he was wont to do with any surface while he was thinking.

"I just don't see why telling them...that...well, why you thought it would help the situation," Garrus finally managed and Shepard sighed. He didn't like to question her, and every time he did it came out like he was trying to claw his way through a rabid Krogan to say it, but he wasn't shy about it when he was really confused.

"It shut him up, didn't it?" Shepard said and Garrus looked unmoved. He was a private person. Hell, she was too, really. But, she supposed, it bothered him just a bit more than he'd let on. "Okay, look." Shepard continued and set her hands on the undersides of his upper arms. Couldn't reach much else. "I don't like them. They're military, organized, and more of an active threat than anything else around here."

Well, that tore it.

Nothing killed the mood quite like heavily armored soldiers.

"They can dick around all they like with other people, but I'm not letting them get it in their heads that they get to dick around with you just because they don't like Xenos," Shepard barreled through. "If all it takes to make them uncomfortable with the idea is a few details, so be it."

Garrus looked a little flabbergasted. Why he insisted on having conversations about their relationship, when they all clearly made him uncomfortable, she'd never know. It was fortunate they didn't have to discuss it very often. He was still silent and still had her pinned and this was quickly going nowhere. This was not how she'd planned to spend the rest of her evening and Garrus hadn't seemed to register the delay.

"Plus, he called you ugly," Shepard added with a shrug. Garrus snapped out of whatever sentimental mood he was in and preened at that, just a touch. His arm shifted along her ribcage and she regained full movement of her own. Without hesitation she reached up and took the lowest part of his jaw between her thumb and forefinger. He'd started to say something, but that shut him up as she pulled him closer and just stared. "Now, if you're done questioning your superior officer, remind me again why I chose to share that particular fact with the Spartans."

"Yes Ma'am," Garrus responded bemusedly when she let go of his jaw.

She should have mentioned the voice.

Maybe next time she needed to make Big Yellow uncomfortable.

And I pull out mah gun.
Posted here because I'd hate to interrupt the actual game with something as silly as this little post.

being()Encryption protocol_02837a.ge5;
-Garrus and I have Secured a location in Residential Zone 01. Approach is one way down an exposed street, you'll have cover from our end.
Coordinates attached.

Shepard out.

And I pull out mah gun.
Application Under Cut.Collapse )
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